When the Nature turned furious,and many of the poor families across Kerala were devastated by the non-stop rains and the ensuied flood, Foundation volunteers sprung into immediate action. They dared to wade the water flowing ferociously down the streets marooning the inhabitants of stray houses at the bottom of the hills.They needed immediate help for food and medicine. Our staff volunteers did not delay the support and ventured into reaching the affected people for providing food materials as quickly as possible.

In Tiruvalla our volunteers distributed food materials at Vempala Trikkayil Temple with the assistance of Kuttoor Grama Panchayath member Smt. Indulekha and a few local youngsters. Hundreds of families are affected in and around Tiruvalla town. In Kottayam as well as in Alappuzha our staff has spent much time to allay the scare among the dislodged people and to provide them with food. Kuttanadu is the worst affected area where reaching the affected is impossible in vehicles other than country boats. Our boys dared the obstacles and managed to reach the destinations to provide the victims with food.

Kottayam staff and Alappuzha staff are also engaged in humanitarian activities to feed and rehabilitate those who are already in the relief camps. Many have lost their houses and everything that they had owned in life. The flood is most likely to be followed by spreading diseases. Foundation has decided to organize medical camps in various affected places to help the poor in time.